• What do I get after I sign up for a course?

    You will receive full and unlimited access to a step-by-step video lesson, including Liz's techniques and tips. You can also enjoy a complimentary 15min videocall with Liz for real-time Q&A and 1-to-1 feedback. Simply reach out by email to schedule the 15min call!

  • How long are the courses?

    As of now, each course video ranges from 30min to 45min.

  • Will I receive fresh flowers to practice alongside the course?

    If you're based in Singapore, you purchase a bundle of flowers handpicked by Liz by adding "Get Flowers + A Free Video" to your cart at $80. The flowers will be delivered to your address and can be used for your course. If you're based outside of Singapore, we recommend purchasing flowers from your local flower markets for your practice, as these skills & techniques can be adapted across flowers.

  • Will there be courses on floral decorations for venues?

    Yes! Stay tuned and join our mailing list so you'll be the first to receive updates when we launch these courses.

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